Monday, May 15, 2006

Mars Conjunct Saturn

On May 24th Mars will enter the zodiacal sign Cancer. Since Saturn is already transiting in Cancer this will constitute a joining of these two planets' energies.
Mars is the planet of Action, Fast Results, and Aggression. Saturn is the planet of Limitations, Focus, Difficulties, and Discipline. The best use of the combination Mars and Saturn is to have a Short Term Project requiring Focused Concentration.
Since Mars and Saturn are considered Malifics in Vedic Astrology, their conjunction in the Heavens foretells some trouble. Likely to show up as Anger and Frustration: a "pressure-cooker" effect that can easily blow. People whose Vedic birth charts have sensitive Cancer planets will be dramatically effected.
The exact conjunction occurs June 18th. Mars leaves Cancer on July 12th. For more on Mars+Saturn see Astrological Weather Report in the May/ June issue of our Newsletter.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Planets At Zero Degrees Aries

The beginning of the sign Aries is a special point in the Heavens: it is the beginning of the Zodiac. Any planet crossing this point is beginning a new cycle of dispensing its energy to the stars and to us on planet Earth.
Monday. May 1st at 6:53 pm Pacific Daylight Time, Mercury will be at 0 deg. Aries. This is an appropriate time to offer prayers to the God Mercury and ask for his blessings for the coming Mercury Year. Requests that are especially relative to the things Mercury rules in our lives are most appropriate.
On May 24, at 00:45 (45 minutes after midnight, PDT), Venus will enter Aries. Thus, this would be an appropriate time to ask for Venus' blessings for success in relationship, enjoyment of luxuries, and the other things that Venus rules in our lives.
Announcement: the May/June issue of our Vedic Astrology Newsletter is now available.