Monday, March 27, 2006

Solar Eclipse Tuesday March 29

Eclipses generally signify change. The part of your life that the change occurs in is shown by the house that the sign of the eclipse occupies in your natal chart. This eclipse will be at 14 degrees of Pisces. (If you are using the tropical zodiac, i.e. Western astrology, look at 8 degrees Aries). Any natal planets, or sensitive points such as the Ascendant or Midheaven degree, which are at or close to 14 degrees Pisces, or the opposite point in Virgo, will be strongly affected. If you don't have a planet at this point in the Heavens in your natal chart, you are off the hook.
The eclipse point is strongly sensitized for months afterward. This sensitivity gets stimulated by planets transiting through the eclipse point. Mercury will hit 14 degrees Pisces on April 22. Venus gets to 14 degrees Pisces on May 10. Since neither of these two planets tend to give strongly negative results, this eclipse doesn't portend great problems. But if your natal chart has a problematical planet located on the eclipse point, it is likely to give some problem over the next several months.
see: details on planetary significations

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Mercury goes Direct

Saturday, March 25, is the last day of this Mercury Retrograde period. The significations of Mercury will start to improve: messages are more likely to get through, misunderstandings are less frequent, and the number of mistakes decrease. But it takes a week or so for the planet to get 'back up to speed': there can still be some problems that linger.
The Moon is decreasing in its light at this time, and will be Dark Tuesday,March 28. Thus the end of March is generally unfavorable for initiating new projects.
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Monday, March 06, 2006

Jupiter goes Retrograde

Starting on March 4 and continuing until July 6, Jupiter will be going backwards amongst the stars in the constellation Libra. This retrograde motion is only apparent, i.e., the planet is not actually going backwards, it's just due to the juxtaposition of the concentric orbits of other planets with our own.
Jupiter is the planet of Prosperity, Wisdom, Opportunity, and Optimism. Its retrograde motion indicates some curtailment in these areas. The energy represented by the planet is expressed more inwardly. Thus,we can look for abundance from within, for wisdom from within. It is a time to broaden one's self-understanding.
The planet is retracing its steps amongst the stars. Thus, a Jupiter retrograde period suggests seeking opportunities in the past. Revisiting old contacts, reviving past projects, 're-fetilizing' what was past over can now bring results.
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