Monday, January 23, 2006

Venus exchanges with Jupiter

Venus is in Sagittarius from January 13 until February 3 this year. Jupiter is in Libra since last September,'05 until October,'06. Sagittarius is Jupiter's sign, Libra is Venus' sign. Thus these two planets are 'exchanging' signs, a special Yoga that reinforces the current (transitory) connection to each other.
Venus=Love, and Sagittarius loves Truth (especially its own truth) and Justice. Jupiter=Wisdom, and Libra is about Fairness and Harmony.
When these two positions reinforce each other there is an energy pattern in the Heavens for Truth and Justice while simultaneously desiring Harmony, i.e., not wanting to 'rock the boat'.
Jupiter and Venus are both 'benefic' planets: when compounding their significations we get Kindness, Sympathy and Forgiveness....but also Indulgence, Excess Optimism, and Dissipation.
Thus, even tho' the Mars-Jupiter opposition (see previous entry) may indicate a fight for Justice according to Law, the input of Venus on Jupiter will tend to let the perpetrator off.
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Monday, January 16, 2006

Mars Opposite Jupiter

Since the end of last September Mars and Jupiter have been in opposite signs: Mars in Aries, Jupiter in Libra. This past week these two planets have been exactly opposite each other.
Aries is a sign that often acts without regard for what others think. Libra is always thinking of others, and it is a sign associated with 'Law'. Mars is the planet of Action, Aggression, and Conflict. Jupiter is the planet of Beliefs, Philosophies, Ethics, and Religion. Thus it is no surprise that on the news lately there has been a lot of 'combat' having to do with conflicting philosophies and beliefs, and even ethics, with regard to 'The Law', i.e., the grilling of a candidate for Supreme Court Justice, and the unethical activitiy of some congressional representatives.
In our own lives, we have to be careful of our Actions (Mars) coming into conflict with other people's Beliefs (Jupiter), and vice versa. The part of your chart that has the sign Aries will show which area of life the actions will occur in. The part of your chart with the sign Libra will show who's beliefs you will be in conflict with.
Mars and Jupiter will continue to be opposite each other through the rest of January, with Mars gradually pulling away from the exact opposition, and finally moving into the next sign, Taurus, in early February.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Venus Invisible

Venus is normally visible just above the horizon either before dawn or after sunset. But every so often, about once a year, Venus becomes Invisible as it switches from Evening Star to Morning Star (or visa versa). During this time Venus is 'Combust', i.e., it is crossing over the Sun (as seen from Earth).
This situation in the Heavens begins tomorrow, January 9, and continues until January 18.
The invisibility of normally visible Venus was seen by the Ancients (of all cultures) as A Very Bad Thing. Additionally, this happens while Venus is going Retrograde, i.e., the planet is traveling backwards from its normal progress amongst the stars.
This year Venus is not only combust and retrograde, it is simultaneously changing signs as well, backing out of Capricorn and backing into Sagittarius. The dividing line between two signs is considered an area of weakness. The actual day of transferrence happens to be a Full Moon, regarded as a time of extreme energy.
Thus, the significations of Venus over the next 10 days are considered to be unreliable, and we have to be careful with regards to our Relationships, our sense of Value, and fulfillment of our Pleasures.

Monday, January 02, 2006


This is a time when re-considering our relationships with others is likely (see previous post re Venus Retrograde). Compatibility between two people is a major topic in Vedic Astrology, or any Astrology system.
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The next issue of our Vedic Astrology Newsletter will be devoted to partnership and compatibility issues.