Monday, December 26, 2005

Venus Retrograde

Well we have certainly had our fill of retrograde planets this winter, but it turns out there is still one more to go: Venus. From December 24 until February 3, the planet of Art, Beauty, Money, and Relationship will be going backwards in the Heavens. The planet of relationship is retracing its steps and is thus in a state of reconsideration. Although a deeper look at your personal involvements may be called for, be careful of making irreversible decisions regarding other people during these 6 weeks.
Venus Retrograde starts out in the sign Capricorn, and after 3 weeks, on Jan. 13, backs into Sagittarius. The houses where these two signs are located in your Vedic Astrology Birth Chart will indicate which person, or situation, you are likely to have to re-evaluate.
Venus is also the planet of Value, i.e., 'What's it Worth?' There is some difficulty in determining the true material value of things at this time. Dec.24 to Feb.3 is not a good time for making important decisions regarding purchases.
For more on Venus Retrograde see the full article in the current issue of our Vedic Astrology Newsletter

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

About Transits

Q: Do these transits only affect people with certain placements in their charts? I know a lot of people who were not influenced at all by the past Mars(retrograde) transit.
A: Obviously not everyone in the whole world has a good day or bad day simultaneously. Birth Chart positions, combined with powerful activation by both internal and external factors, over-rides any 'general' patterns that may exist in the Heavens at any one time.
I prefer to stick to predictions that rely on birthchart interpretation for that reason. Talking about patterns of the planets separate from anybody's specific birth chart (like I do on this blog) is mostly applicable to New Endeavors, i.e., something that would have its 'birth' at the particular time we are considering the planetary pattern. Thus, if you are starting a new business, a new relationship, embarking on a journey, etc, then the Celestial Situation becomes more relevant.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Mars Unleashed

Since Mars is the Energy Planet, the "Do It" planet, the retrograde phase of Mars (retrograde: planet in apparent backwards motion as seen from the Earth) from Oct.2 to Dec.9 has held us back, created delays, and messed up timing. Now that it has resumed Direct Motion (its usual progress amongst the stars) we can expect our efforts to encounter fewer problems. But beware: a planet going from retrograde to direct does not resume full speed immediately, i.e., it takes a few weeks for Mars' results-oriented energy to manifest completely.
Additionally, Saturn, the Reality-check planet, is in a position to influence Mars. Saturn holds Mars back, but to some good effect: Saturn disciplines Mars, helping to organize, to focus the Martian energies.
So: to be in harmony with the current Saturn-Mars situation, it is best to put effort into projects requiring focus, care, and discipline, and to anticipate results to come eventually rather than quickly. The energy pattern is positive for moving ahead, and for accomplishment, but not for speed.
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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Astrological Weather Report

As of Dec 3, Mercury turned Direct, so that's one retrograde problem out of the way....but remember that it takes a week for Merc. to resume normal speed, so still use care in communications, signing things, etc. On Dec.9 (Friday) Mars will resume Direct Motion, and a lot of the 'stuck' energy of the last couple of months will start to clear.
Venus entered Capricorn (Sidereal zodiac) as of Dec. 3, so now we have four planets each in a Cardinal (or Chara, or 'moveable') sign, forming a 'Grand Cross' in the Heavens.
Mars in Aries is opposite Jupiter in Libra. These two tend to egg each other on. Mars: planet of action and victory. Jupiter is planet of beliefs and expansion. Aries explores new territory. Libra is an idealist. Watch out for actions opposed to others' beliefs. (Haven't we been getting enough of this lately?)
Venus in Capricorn is a pragmatist. Planet of Love in a workaholic sign that wants respect. Opposite is Saturn in Cancer: the control and responsibility planet in a sign that doesn't go down to defeat easily. Output of these two is "I'm really doing this for your own good". Sounds like a lot of people, and govenments, that I can think of.
It is interesting that in Western Astrology, using the Tropical Zodiac, these planets end up in Fixed signs...totally different interpretation... we'll see over the next couple of months if things really do get moving (Vedic Astrology: Cardinal signs) or stay stable and 'stuck' (Western Astrology: Fixed signs).