Saturday, May 02, 2015

Mars Enters Taurus, and Full Moon in Libra

Mars enters Taurus on Sunday, May 3. The planet of Action & Results in the sign of Material Worth & Value puts the emphasis on doing things that are worthwhile. Mars joins with Mercury already transiting here. Thus: planet of Aggression with planet of Communication makes for some Strong Language, especially when Challenged. And Mars will be challenged, by Saturn which is across the Heavens in Scorpio. Saturn the planet of The Established Order is retrograde, making it even more prone to Resist any of Mars's actions. The result is a lot of Tension, Anger, and potential for Violence. Mars will be exactly opposite Saturn on May 14.
The Full Moon is on Sunday, May 3, @ 19 deg Libra. This is the culmination of the energy of the Hindu lunar month Vaishaka, indicating the accomplishment of Goals. This Full Moon will be exactly Square to Jupiter, which is in the Moon's sign Cancer. This arrangement is Full of Energy, which could be extreme, but is not necessarily negative.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Mercury Enters Taurus, Venus Enters Gemini

Mercury enters Taurus on Monday, April 27. The planet of Rational Thinking, Reasons, and Decisions in the materialistic Earth sign of Worth & Value is not a bad thing. By changing signs, Mercury breaks away from the influence of Mars, which is good for Mercury. Mercury will be spending an extra-long time in Taurus, because it will go through a retrograde period starting May 18. Mercury will be in Taurus for nearly three months, until July 20.
Venus enters Gemini on Saturday, May 2. The planet of Creativity, the Arts, Relationship, and Social Interaction in the Dualistic sign of Ideas & Information is good for Social Engagements, Communication, etc. But for Romance, Gemini is a flirt, and not dependable.
Venus will be in Gemini for nearly the entire month of May.
Mercury and Venus form a Parivatana Yoga: Mercury is in Venus's sign Taurus, while Venus is in Mercury's sign Gemini. By being in each other's signs, the two planets are in a compelling relationship. Since they are "friends"  in Vedic Astrology, this is good. The problem comes when Mars enters Taurus, starting May 3, which will create all sorts of Upset, especially when Mercury goes through its retrograde phase starting May 18.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Aries New Moon, Mercury Conjunct Mars

The New Moon is on Saturday, April 18, @ 4 deg Aries. This begins the lunar month of Vaishakha, considered good for Setting Forth and Achieving Goals. The New Moon is accompanied by Mars & Mercury, with Mars occupying its own sign Aries. Other planets, namely Venus in its own sign Taurus, and Jupiter in Cancer, its sign of exaltation, are also strong. Therefore this is an excellent month for Initiating New Projects.
Mercury is conjunct Mars on Wednesday, April 22, @ 22 deg Aries. The planet of Rational Thinking, Information, Communications, Speaking, The Media, etc., is hooked up with the planet of Aggression, Conflict, Impulse, and Destruction. The result is Aggressive Communication, Impulsive Speech, Twisting the Facts, Spin, etc. People are more Outspoken, Opinionated, and prone to Making Mistakes. This may be good for Fast Thinking, but it's not a good week for making important, carefully considered decisions.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Venus opposite Saturn, Mars Square Jupiter

Venus will be exactly Opposite Saturn on Wednesday, April 15. Planets in opposition to each other are considered to be in Mutual Aspect, i.e. influencing each other. The planet of Love & Romance being influenced by the planet of Harsh Reality can put the brakes on a budding affair. Example: USA and Cuba. But, Venus as a Natural Benefic, has a positive effect on Saturn the planet of The Established Order. Therefore, the Establishment wins, this week.
Mars will be exactly Square Jupiter on Friday, April 17. The planet of Action and Combat is set up for an inimical relationship with the planet of Beliefs and Wisdom. This is not a good combination for wisdom and truth. Example: Events in the Middle East.
Mercury is getting closer to Mars. Mercury entered Aries today, Saturday April 12, joining with Mars already transiting here. The planet of Rational Thinking with the planet of Combat is not a good combination for reasonableness. The planet of Speech & Writing combined with the planet of Haste & Impulse will surely produce some major gaffs. As the week progresses, the situation gets worse. The exact conjunction will be April 22.

Sunday, April 05, 2015

Venus enters Taurus, Jupiter goes Direct, Mercury enters Aries

On Monday, April 6, Venus enters Taurus. The planet of Romance, Pleasures, Finance, and Agreement, will be in its own sign for the rest of April. This is a good thing for Venus, which has had a rough time for the last few months; Venus's significations will now prosper. While in Taurus, Venus will be opposite to Saturn. Venus as a "natural benefic" will have a good influence on Saturn, and the significations of Saturn will prosper: The Established Order, Institutions, Older People, Structure & Discipline, etc. Saturn likewise influences Venus; the planet of Realism will help to hold back some of the Excess of Venus, planet of pleasure, in Taurus, the sign of Sensual Materialism.
On Wednesday, April 8, Jupiter's retrograde period ends. The planet of Prosperity, Optimism, Opportunity, Wisdom, and Faith, goes back to normal, forward motion in the zodiac. Jupiter is still in its sign of exaltation, Cancer, until mid-July. It takes a few weeks for Jupiter to "get back up to speed," so the effects of its retrograde condition will linger on a bit longer. But in general, since both of the natural benefics in Vedic Astrology are now going to be in better condition, the world will prosper for the remainder of this month.
On Saturday, April 11, Mercury enters Aries. The planet of the Intellect, Communication, Data & Information, Business Deals, etc., will be in the proactive, forward moving, creative sign Aries for the next few weeks. Mercury will join up with Mars, already transiting in this sign. The result is Fast Thinking, Strong Ideas, with Forceful Expression. The Media will be Heated Up;  a great lead-up to the UK elections.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Total Lunar Eclipse April 4, 2015

There will be a Total Lunar Eclipse on Saturday, April 4, @ 20 deg. Virgo. This is the third of the four so-called "Blood Moons" sequence. Although there are on average 2 Lunar and 2 Solar eclipses each year, usually at least some of them are partial eclipses. But starting a year ago (first one was April 15, 2014) there are 4 total lunar eclipses in a row, at roughly 6 months intervals. The last of the series will be 6 months from now, on September 28.
This Lunar Eclipse will be directly opposite Uranus, which is positioned on the other side of the zodiac, @ 22 deg Pisces. Thus the energy of the planet of Freedom & Rebellion, and Sudden Unexpected Events, will influence any outcomes from this eclipse. Eclipses project their effects several months into the future. Along with the October 8, 2014 eclipse, which was conjunct Uranus, the April 4th eclipse sets up a pattern for volatility and violence for 2015.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Mercury Conjunct Neptune, New Moon & Total Solar Eclipse

On Wednesday, March 18, Mercury will be exactly conjunct Neptune, @13 deg Aquarius. The planet of Rational Thinking combines with the planet of Dreams & Fantasies. This may be good for the Creative Imagination, but otherwise, the result is Confusion, Obfuscation, and Mistakes. Since Mercury is also the planet of Communications, therefore The Media, we have to remember that the Media will likely be even less truthful than usual. This energy pattern manifests for a couple of days before and after as well, so basically the whole week is suspect.
The New Moon, and Total Solar Eclipse, will be on Friday, March 20. This marks the beginning of the Hindu Lunar Month of Chaitra, named for the nakshatra of the Full Moon, Chitra, except that this year, the Full Moon will actually fall in the previous nakshatra, Hasta (on April 4). Traditionally, the Chaitra New Moon is the Lunar New Year, and is considered important for determining how the next 12 months will play out. Therefore, it is especially significant that this New Moon happens to be a Solar Eclipse. Eclipses signal forth-coming changes.
The Eclipse will be visible from the Atlantic Ocean, Europe, and over to Russia, but the Moon will only be seen to completely obscure the disc of the Sun if you are hanging out in the North Atlantic Ocean. Due to the Solar Eclipse, as well as the Lunar Eclipse of the month's Full Moon (April 4) the energy of this lunar month is considered Compromised, i.e., the coming 4 weeks are Weakened for any favorable events.
And, in addition:
The Spring Equinox is on March 20. On this day, the duration of Day and Night is (approximately) equal. The Sun is directly above the Celestial Equator (equator of the Earth projected into space). This marks the first day of the Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. In Vedic Astrology, this is a Sankranti, an ingress, and therefore the days of, previous to, and afterwards, are considered Weak for doing any actions that have long lasting material significance. It is however, auspicious for spiritual practices.