Saturday, April 22, 2017

New Moon in Aries, Retrograde Mercury conjunct Uranus, Mars Square Nodes

The New Moon will be on Wednesday, April 26, @ 12 deg Aries. This lunation marks the beginning of the Hindu Lunar Month of Vaisakha, named for Vishakha, the nakshatra (lunar sign) of the Full Moon, which will be on May 10. Since Vishakha is all about Setting Goals and Achieving them, this is normally a good month to set forth on a Journey, Initiate a New Project, etc. But unfortunately, the New Moon shares its sign with Retrograde Mercury, which sort of queers the deal, by introducing all the retrograde problems to the energy of the month. Therefore starting new endeavors is not recommended.
Retrograde Mercury is exactly conjunct Uranus on Friday, April 28, @ 1 deg Aries. This is a rather problematic combination, prone to Misunderstandings and Miscalculations, which could have unexpected consequences. Therefore best to beware of any fast developing situations and not give in to Sudden Impulse. Mercury is the planet of The Media; Uranus is The Unexpected. Mercury ends its retrograde period on May 3, but will still be in close conjunction with Uranus until mid-May. Mercury is the planet of the Rational Intellect, and when combined with Uranus planet of Independence, we get Radical Thinking.
Mars is Square to the Rahu-Ketu Axis. The planet of Action is at the exact midpoint (7 deg Taurus) of the Lunar Nodes on Sunday, April 23. Planets at the midpoint of the nodal axis are put under a lot of Tension. Since Mars is the planet of Action and Violence, this is a rather problematic situation, which has already been seeing some effects (Venezuela) and will likely show up in other ways over the coming days, for instance, the French Election.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Venus Retrograde Ends, Retrograde Mercury Conjunct Uranus

Venus's retrograde period ends on Saturday, April 15. The planet of Romance, Harmony, Pleasures, Agreement, Finance, etc., returns to normal direct motion in the zodiac. But Venus significations are still going to suffer for the next couple of weeks due to the square aspect from Retrograde Saturn. Venus is barely moving this week, at 2 -3 deg Pisces; Saturn is also barely moving @ 3 deg Sagittarius. The planet of Restriction, Harsh Reality, etc. is "throwing shade" on Venus,  preventing Venus from full expression. The exact square aspect will be on Friday, April 21. By the end of the month Venus will make enough progress to start escaping from Saturn's worst influence.
Retrograde Mercury becomes more closely conjunct Uranus this week. The planet of Rational Thinking is already less rational due to its retrograde condition, and now encounters the planet of Unusual Events. Mercury is the planet of Communications, and has a lot to do with Daily Operations. When retrograde, Mercury creates a lot of annoyances. The conjunction with Uranus can add a whole other dimension to the problems of retrograde Mercury. Mistakes, Accidents, Alarming Media Reports, etc. are an increasing likelihood as the week progresses. The exact conjunction of Retrograde Mercury and Uranus is on April 28, @ 1 deg Aries. For more details, watch this Youtube video.

Saturday, April 08, 2017

Mercury Retrograde Begins, Full Moon in Virgo, Mars Enters Taurus

Mercury begins a Retrograde period on Sunday, April 9. The planet of Communications and Rational Thinking will appear to be moving "backwards" in the zodiac for the next 24 days, until May 3. Mercury begins its retrograde period at 10 deg Aries, backing up to 0 degrees Aries at the end of its retrograde.
Retrograde Mercury is moving towards a conjunction with Uranus, exact at the end of the month. Uranus has just entered Aries, and will be at 1 deg Aries by the end of April. Due to combining with the planet of Unexpected Events, this Retrograde Mercury period promises to be a lot more Crazy than normal. Along with the usual annoying problems of Misunderstandings, Delays in Communications, Mistakes in Transactions, Equipment Malfunction, etc., there will be an additional "Surprise" factor. This can either be Exciting, or Extremely Unnerving. Due to an increased likelihood of Communication Problems leading to Disruption of Everyday Activities, it is best to be really careful, especially during the last week of the month when the conjunction will be exact.
The Full Moon is on Tuesday, April 11, @ 27 deg Virgo. (near midnight on Monday for most of the USA). This marks the culmination of the Hindu lunar month Chaitra. This Full Moon will be closely conjunct Jupiter, which would normally be a good thing. But Jupiter is still Retrograde, so its normal contribution of Hopeful Optimism is tempered somewhat, and with so many other planets retrograde simultaneously, the energy is more towards Doubt rather than Confidence.
Mars enters Taurus on Wednesday, April 12. The planet of Action will be in the sign of the sensual materialist for the next 6 weeks, until May 26. Mars energizes Taurus for acquiring Wealth, Possessions, Assets, etc. Mars in Taurus also emphasizes sensual enjoyments. The downside of Mars in Taurus is that this is the planet of Aggression in the sign of the Bull. When the Bull gets Angry, it's Bad.

Saturday, April 01, 2017

Uranus Enters Aries, Retrograde Saturn Squares Retrograde Venus

Uranus changes signs, entering Aries, on April 7. Uranus has been in sidereal Pisces for 7 years, since 2010. Now the planet of Freedom and Rebellion will be in the sign of Independence and Adventure for the next 7 years, until 2024. Both Uranus and Aries share some of the same qualities: both are Freedom Loving and Independent. Both are therefore opposed to the suffocating effects of the Established Order. This combination will therefore boost the energy for independence and rebellion, presenting a serious challenge to the Establishment for the coming years. (more details on Uranus in Aries in this article).
Saturn begins a retrograde period on April 7. The planet of the Established Order will be "going backwards" in the zodiac for the next 4-1/2 months. The qualities of Saturn, the planet of Delay & Restriction, become more pronounced when it is retrograde. Therefore it becomes harder to initiate changes. Note that this is simultaneous with Uranus, planet of Change, entering proactive Aries. This results in more Tension & Stress over trying to make changes.
Saturn is Square to Venus for most of April: Saturn is now Stationary at 3 deg. Sagittarius. Venus is moving towards the end of its retrograde period (on Apr 15) and will be stationary in the early degrees of Pisces next week. The two planets are therefore Square to each other. The exact square aspect will be on April 8. Saturn puts pressure on Venus significations, which are already stressed by being retrograde. Thus there is not much potential for finding Compromise and Agreement for the next few weeks. 

Saturday, March 25, 2017

New Moon in Pisces; Mercury Enters Aries

Mercury changes signs, entering Aries, on Sunday, March 26. The planet of Rational Thinking, Making Choices, Communications, The Media, etc. now enters the sign of the Pioneer, Independence, Adventure, Creativity, etc. The result is a New Way to Think about things and New Ways for Solving Problems. Mercury joins up with Mars, already transiting in this sign. Mars the planet of Fast Action and Aggression, combined with Mercury = Fast-moving Events, Rash Decisions, Argument. The combination breaks up when Mars leaves Aries on April 12. Mercury is slowing down in its progress in the zodiac, in preparation to going Retrograde, on April 9. Due to its retrograde period, Mercury will remain in Aries until June 3.
The New Moon will be on Monday, March 27, @ 13 deg Pisces. This begins the Hindu Lunar month Chaitra, named for the nakshatra Chitra, where the Full Moon falls, on April 11. This is considered an auspicious lunar month; in some traditions it is regarded as the Vedic New Year. This lunation will be conjunct Retrograde Venus, which is only 4 degrees away. Therefore the coming lunar month puts emphasis on the significations of Retrograde Venus: The planet of Values "backwards," making people doubt the Value of things. It's also the planet of Compromise & Agreement, going in reverse, which makes Agreement difficult to Achieve. Venus ends its retrograde period on April 15.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Mercury conjunct Retrograde Venus, Mercury conjunct Uranus

Mercury is conjunct Venus @ 15 deg Pisces on Saturday, March 18. Venus is retrograde, making the signfications of that planet unreliable. The problems of retrograde Venus therefore influence Mercury. Thus, the Facts and Data of Mercury are distorted by Venus the planet of Appearances, and of Guidance. Mercury is also weakened by being in Pisces, its sign of debilitation. This energy pattern continues through the week.
Mercury next moves into conjunction with Uranus. The planet of Communications and The Media combines with the planet of Unexpected Events, promising an exciting news cycle for the week. Simultaneously, Mercury will be opposite to Retrograde Jupiter. Since Jupiter is the planet of Beliefs and Ideology, the Mercury-Uranus combination will likely upset some sacred cows. Also: Uranus & Mercury influence Jupiter the planet of Truth, which by being retrograde, indicates finding the Truth in the Past. This pattern suggests there will be some Revelations coming this week. The exact conjunction will be on March 26, @ 29 deg Pisces. More details in this weeks video blog.

Saturday, March 04, 2017

Mercury Enters Pisces

Mercury changes signs on Friday, March 10, entering Pisces. Mercury is considered debilitated in Pisces. This is because the planet of Rational Thinking doesn't do so well in an emotions-based water sign. Therefore logical reasoning will be less logical and less reasonable for the coming weeks. On the other hand, Mercury in a water sign can be good for Creative Ideas and Intuitive Thinking.
Mercury and Jupiter in each other's signs form a Parivartana Yoga. Jupiter is retrograde in Mercury's sign Virgo, while Mercury is transiting through Jupiter's sign Pisces. Simultaneously, the two planets are in Mutual Aspect, i.e., opposite to each other. This sets up a strong relationship between the planet of Wisdom and the planet of the Intellect, promoting Intuitive Understanding, Bright Ideas, Compassion, etc.
Mercury will join with Retrograde Venus and Uranus, which are already transiting in Pisces. Mercury's energy is added to Retrograde Venus' significations of Reviewing and Reconsidering Romance, Values, Cost, Aesthetics, Agreements, etc. Mercury's conjunction with Venus will be exact on March 18. Mercury combined with Uranus in Pisces creates Independent Thinking & Realizations. Mercury's exact conjunction with Uranus will be just before Mercury leaves Pisces on March 26.